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Bacterial Vaginosis is not an STI

The Sensitivity of Sexual Issues

It is extremely difficult to open up about sexual issues for human beings as they are sensitive topics with people often not being open about them even with doctors because they find it strange and uncomfortable to talk about the issues related to their ‘privates’. However, there is no shame in talking about sexual problems that you face or the problems that arise with your sexual organs because at the end of the day, there has to be a medical explanation for the problem and once the medical reason for the issue is found out, treatment can be given in order to eradicate the problem. 

Women generally go through more issues as far as their sexual organs are concerned with complicated issues related to their vagina being the most common. It’s not just periods during which women are disturbed with vaginal discharge. Even during the non-period days, women can experience discharge from their vagina. It’s always important that when you experience such an event that you contact your doctor immediately as it can be an indication of a condition like bacterial vaginosis.

What is Bacterial Vaginosis?

Bacterial Vaginosis is a condition that causes discharge from the vagina with the discharge often having an unusual odor to it. The process of discharge is though mostly not painful at all. The reason behind vaginal discharge as a result of bacterial vaginosis is the increased population of anaerobic bacteria in the vagina. The vagina is already home to a number of different bacterium but the growth in anaerobic bacteria leads to an imbalance and results in vaginal discharge.  Read More...

Bacterial Vaginosis Is Not An STI

Bacterial Vaginosis Is Not An STI


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